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How can I determine the date of my chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge?

Once you filed you bankruptcy case. Your discharge trial period could be any where one to 6 months depending upon peculiarities of your case and how fast you meet Judge's requirements and notices.

There is not hard and fast rule that your case will end in 6 months it can take longer.

Yes, In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will grant you a discharge 60 days after the "meeting of creditors," provided nothing unusual happens during this period.  In meeting of creditors period and after the meeting, your creditors or the trustee may object to your case for a number of reasons, such as fraud etc.

However, once the 60-day limit elapses, you are legally entitled to your discharge.

Once your case is discharged it is always better to retain a copy of bankruptcy discharge order to stop all creditors contacting you regarding your debt.

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Do I need to send copy of discharge to anyone?

It is your responsibility to notify your discharge to the appropriate people and credit bureaus. The Court Clerk's Office will send discharge order copy to all the creditors that are listed in the petition of the bankruptcy by means of a notice within 20-40 days.