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How can I determine the date of my chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge?

Once you filed you bankruptcy case. Your discharge trial period could be any where one to 6 months depending upon peculiarities of your case and how fast you meet Judge's requirements and notices.

There is not hard and fast rule that your case will end in 6 months it can take longer.

Yes, In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will grant you a discharge 60 days after the "meeting of creditors," provided nothing unusual happens during this period.  In meeting of creditors period and after the meeting, your creditors or the trustee may object to your case for a number of reasons, such as fraud etc.

However, once the 60-day limit elapses, you are legally entitled to your discharge.

Once your case is discharged it is always better to retain a copy of bankruptcy discharge order to stop all creditors contacting you regarding your debt.

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Bankruptcy records are public records

Bankruptcy court records are public documents. Bankruptcy pubic records are not covered by any privacy regulations, federal or state. No sensitive personal information is released to 3rd parties but they will learn the particulars regarding your bankruptcy case.

If you want to search for and/or receive bankruptcy records, there are a few ways to search for the information. Knowing the bankruptcy case number, assigned by the bankruptcy court, will always get you the data you want from any regular source.

Many databases will allow you to just enter the name of the individual or company to retrieve these records.

If someone wants to learn if you have previously been discharged, they can search bankruptcy filings to retrieve that information. You can know about discharge and retrieve information related to type of loans and creditor discharged, when was bankruptcy filed and discharged.

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Why bankruptcy discharge records are important?

Bankruptcy records include your bankruptcy complete file (Voluntary petition) including creditor’s listing, reaffirmation agreement (apply case to case basis), and bankruptcy discharge order.

Bankruptcy discharge order is an order of the bankruptcy judge relieving, the bankruptcy filer, of further liability for certain debts to ease financial burden. Once a bankruptcy is filed it generally takes approximately 4 to 5 months to receive discharge. When a bankruptcy is discharged, the filer is no longer legally liable for old debts included in bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy records will certainly help you to start a happy and vibrant life. With the discharge of your bankruptcy, you need it to confirm old creditors the end of your bankruptcy and for new lenders to establish new credit. So for this very purpose you require a copy of your personal bankruptcy records, your discharge order in particular.

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How To Obtain Bankruptcy Discharge Papers for Free

How do I get the information on what is being paid to each creditor, after bankruptcy discharge? How do I get local records from federal court for dismissed bankruptcy judgements? I searched my paper work I searched online I want to know this info as it occurs so that I can keep track. This is info we are supposed to have access to, not on the state bankruptcy site or public records sites.